Drako Airbus Mach 3 Commercial Supersonic Aircraft

Drako Airbus Mach Commercial Supersonic Aircraft
Drako Airbus Mach Commercial Supersonic Aircraft image: Found And Explained

Designed for fuselage flights between Paris and major cities such as New York, London and Singapore, these new aircraft will fly much faster and take just two hours between North America and Europe to cross the North Pole and reach Asia. will happen in a much shorter time.

The Drako is a concept airplane that represents a fantastic picture of the future of aviation as we now understand it. The engines of hypersonic concept airplanes are markedly different from those of modern airplanes. The idea of ​​a Turbine Based Combined Cycle engine, or TBCC, is used in both engines of the aircraft. That's the procedure.

It all depends on using the most efficient engine at the appropriate speed. The aircraft uses a standard turbofan engine at low speeds. The aircraft will then transform into a ramjet and when it rises above the water it will accelerate up to the sound barrier and pass it. The turbojet will then stop until needed again. Despite having a common intake and exhaust for airflow, both engines will have separate airflows inside the firewall.

When the aircraft slows down for landing, the procedure will also work in reverse. This will allow the aircraft to travel at speeds up to mach 95.000 at 3 feet, or even up to mach 6 depending on the situation. The tail of the aircraft is essentially worthless for steering at high speeds because of how fast it moves.
The design includes two canards in the nose of the aircraft to provide stabilization at Mach 3.

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