Quantum Shorts Film Festival Winners

Quantum Shorts Film Festival Winners
Quantum Shorts Film Festival Winners

Three films received awards for their use of quantum technologies, the observer effect, and quantum entanglement. Missed Call, an emotional short film about a physics student dealing with her father's health problems, won the festival's First Prize. CQT collaborates with international media, academic and screening partners to organize the Quantum Shorts film festival.

Director Prasanna Sellathurai said, “I am so excited and honored to be awarded first prize at this year's Quantum Shorts Film Festival!” said. “I've heard that quantum physics is hard to understand. This award is proof to me that passionate stories that cleverly combine the most intimate and intricate details can affect us all.

The Quantum Shorts judging team selected Missed Call as one of the two winners from among nine quantum-inspired films. Alongside Gnes Mócsy, Alex Winter, Honor Harger, Jamie Lochhead and Neal Hartman, CQT Director José Ignacio Latorre also served as jury members. THE observer received the Runner Up award. The Human Game was among the top three films at the festival and won the People's Choice Award after the shortlisted public vote.

Director and Executive Producer Jamie Lochhead said of the films' connection to the subject of quantum science: “It was interesting to observe the great diversity in style and tone of many films. I liked the humor in the scripts and performances in many of the movies.

Three winners will receive a cash prize and an engraved trophy. In addition, each candidate receives a certificate, screening fee and Scientific American digital subscription.

British-born director Prasanna Sellathurai tried to effectively convey a strange time in her film Missed Call. “The analogy of quantum entanglement was very apt for us because when someone you care about experiences something traumatic, time is perceived differently and all you think about is how you can see that they are going through the same experience and that you are going through the same experience yourself.”

The film's director, writer and actor, Alex Winter, described the film as "an artistic and poignant exploration of quantum." Prasanna Sellathurai was awarded $1500 for her work.

The Observer's Spanish director, Alma Llerena, received the second prize of $1000. The short video uses screendance, a hybrid form of dance and cinematography, to present an artistic interpretation of the observer effect. It aims to get viewers to think about how their view of reality affects their own reality.

Jury members Gnes Mócsy and José Ignacio Latorre liked the film very much and described it as "a creative production, well executed".

Director Alma Llerena said, “I am really honored and excited to be selected second in this film festival with THE observer. “Hopefully this work can inspire someone to stop for a moment and consider the value of being a conscious observer,” he said.

The Human Game, directed by Spanish filmmaker Dani lav, won the People's Choice Award and a $500 cash prize. “Conceived as a fictional propaganda video with the aesthetic codes of a fashion movie,” the film depicts a bleak future with quantum machines. Dani lava wants viewers to reflect on what future we aspire to be as a genre after watching the movie.

“On behalf of the entire team that made The Human Game possible, thank you to all the viewers who voted for us and chose our short film as favourites. According to Dani Lava, “I am personally happy to continue to tell stories that resonate with people around the world, using cinema as a medium and quantum physics as a concept.

Best wishes to the winners! The nominees, with further screenings, have already been screened in Canada, Singapore and New Zealand. You can watch the shortlisted films on the Quantum Shorts website, where you can also find interviews with filmmakers.

Scientific partners include the ARC Engineering Quantum Systems Center of Excellence, the Dodd-Walls Center for Photonics and Quantum Technologies, the University of Waterloo Quantum Computing Institute in Canada, the Caltech Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, QuTech and the UK National Quantum Technologies Program. CQT, together with its media partners Scientific American and Nature, organizes Quantum Shorts.

source: shorts.quantumlah.org

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