About Parallel Universes

About Parallel Universes
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Bruce LEE, Jackie CHAN and Jet LI; artists, each of whom is very talented in their field and exceeding their age. When it comes to martial arts (Martial Arts), if we are asked to name ten very popular names that come to mind for many of us, most likely, three legendary names will come to mind among the first ten names.

In this article, I would like to tell you about a movie made in 2001. The name of the movie is THE ONE – TEK.

ONLY; Starring Jet Li, Delroy Lindo and Jason Statham as actors, the movie is quite interesting as a subject. In the movie, there is a scenario of multiverses and a very interesting story of this scenario.
We were witnessing the adventure.

The idea of ​​Parallel Universes turns into a masterpiece after the Doctoral Thesis written by Hugg EVERETT for the first time in the scientific world. Hugg Everett, in his 1956 PhD thesis produced at Princeton University, stated that everything in the known universe in Quantum Mechanical Systems emerged from quantum entities (subatomic world elements), all known elements,
He says that it should be thought of as a giant wave of quantum possibilities unfolding at the same time.

If the subatomic world was making room for itself in the order of possibilities, the situation that emerged for every thought and the result of every experiment poured into the plan would branch out in the whole universe. Sounds pretty pointless doesn't it? For this reason, the result that the human mind might describe as absurd or inconceivable; All possibilities, all conceivable alternative consequences, will lead us to a conclusion that there are many parallel universes. Parallel universes according to Hugg Everett
must have surrounded us.

At this point, let's take a look at another thought experiment. Inside the building, in the mall, etc. Do you hesitate when choosing between two lifts?

In a branching universe, another you chooses the other elevator. In another, you crash into the wall between the two elevators.

Yet another time, you're climbing the stairs. In short, The ONE movie comes to mind. In more than one universe, you encounter another you in each one. As a result, all possibilities are thus realized. At this stage, it is useful to give the information that quantum mechanical systems are explained by wave function. That is, every possible possibility within the framework of the wave function, that is, the electromagnetic waves of photons, will actually be real in a different universe (or "universe copy").

In short, The ONE movie comes to mind.

Data from a study developed by Niels Bohr and his student Werner Heisenberg at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark is known as the Copenhagen Interpretation, the Copenhagen Interpretation is one of the interpretations built on the results of the Double Slit Experiment, one of the most famous experiments in quantum physics. In the Copenhagen Commentary, “the wave
is explained by the “collapse of function”. According to the relevant behavior, when the observer makes an observation, the wave function, which has existed as "quantum probabilities" until then, will be reduced to only a single probability, and the probability distribution will turn into a "realization" of a single probability. Hugg EVERETT, contrary to what the Copenhagen Interpretation claims, no possibility is greater than the other.
says it's not real. “Every possibility is equally real, and our experience is just one of the facts in those parallel universes.”

Note: For the curious reader, the article I suggest you read.

Hugg Everett's reputation in the scientific world; This was achieved by expressing the Multiverses Interpretation in complete mathematical language and proving that it was identical in every way and comparable to Bohr's version of quantum physics, the Copenhagen interpretation.

Hugg Everett's results are taken seriously by today's great physicists for the scientific world. Many mathematical models of the beginning of model space-time are fed by this idea. To date, no experiments that can confirm or refute Everett's claims are on the horizon.

Do you sometimes imagine yourself in a different moment and place other than the situation you are in, or even in a different profession other than the one you are in? It's something that happens to me from time to time. I often imagine myself as a Heart Doctor. Here, according to the probability distribution, in one of the parallel universes, I am different, like in the movie The ONE.
I am living in a profession.

Summing up, according to Hugg EVERETT's comment, everything in the Universe can be thought of as a giant wave of quantum possibilities. Each time a choice is made, the universe branches out and many parallel universes exist simultaneously. While the wave function collapses when observed in the Copenhagen interpretation, all the probabilities described by the wave function in the Everett interpretation become true at the same time. In Everett's interpretation, nature never makes a real choice. All possibilities come true.

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Say what? Is it possible to visit Parallel Universes?

It's possible with The ONE movie, or it's possible with the movie Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse Madness.

Prepared by: Dr. Firat AKBALIK

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