Scientist Claiming to Solve the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Scientist Claiming to Solve the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
Scientist Claiming to Solve the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Superstitions and supernatural circles have long swirled around the Bermuda Triangle, with many believing that this vast ocean area provides indisputable proof that extraterrestrial forces are at work. But one scientist disagrees and claims that the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle is not really interesting.

According to a scientist from the University of Sydney in Australia, there may be a logical explanation for the Bermuda Triangle. Karl Kruszelnicki claims that the triangle has a similar rate of lost planes and boats compared to other regions in the world, especially given how much transportation has passed through the area despite being a hotspot for disappearances over the years.

In light of this discovery, Kruszelnicki claims that the Bermuda Triangle is actually not that mysterious. Unlike gigantic sea creatures, mystical powers, or aliens, he thinks most disappearances are due to bad weather or the wrong decisions made by the crew of the lost voyages.

Over the past 70 years, the Bermuda Triangle enigma has reached an all-time high as many people think it may be connected to supernatural forces. Located in the west of the North Atlantic Ocean, this area of ​​water has served as a canvas for creative ideas. Some people even think that aliens may be hijacking ships and planes.

But according to Kruszelnicki, it was probably just a combination of bad luck and weather. According to a post shared by Mirror in 2022, Kruszelnicki cited a well-known disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle as evidence of these human errors. Five US Navy bombers from Flight 19 were lost in the Triangle in 1945.

Despite extensive searches for the missing planes, no trace of the wreckage was found, further adding to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Kruszelnicki claims that only one of the 14 crew members has real piloting experience. He also claims that the pilot is known for making bad choices and that he came to the plane drunk on the day of the flight.

However, there is more evidence than that. According to Kruszelnicki, it was also thought to have been bad weather on the day Flight 19 disappeared, with waves rising up to 15 feet. According to the radio recordings, the chief pilot and the other pilot had an argument over the plane's route.

Also, the plane's chief pilot, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, thought he was flying over the Florida Keys and his compass was broken. Defying the plane's junior pilot, he steered the plane east instead of west, thus expanding its range towards the Atlantic. Could the disappearance of Flight 19 be attributed to this human error? Or should the mysterious mystical connections of the Bermuda Triangle be to blame?

Flight 19 is likely to have run into problems due to bad weather and lack of fuel and crashed into the water. Also, even if you are looking in the proper place, it will be difficult to see any debris descending to the bottom of the ocean due to how deep the water is in that area.

With so many disappearances and associated stigma, this theory is likely to help those trying to unravel the Bermuda Triangle mystery. Also, due to its size, we won't be able to fully scan the bottom of this entire region of the ocean, meaning we'll never be able to come up with a definitive solution.


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