Faster Charging in Electric Vehicles

Faster Charging in Electric Vehicles
Faster Charging in Electric Vehicles

Rapid charging of lithium-ion batteries can cause a phenomenon known as lithium plating. This happens when lithium ions build up on the battery's negative electrode rather than mix with it, forming a metallic lithium coating that continues to expand. This can damage the battery, reduce its longevity, and cause short circuits that can catch fire or explode.

Dr. According to Xuekun Lu, lithium plating can be greatly reduced by improving the microstructure of the graphite negative electrode. Fine-tuning the particle and electrode shape for a homogeneous reaction activity and reduced local lithium saturation is key to suppressing lithium plating and improving battery performance. The graphite negative electrode consists of microscopic, randomly dispersed particles.

“Our research has shown that the surface morphology, size, shape and orientation of graphite particles influences many lithiation mechanisms that occur under different conditions. Dr. According to Lu, it has a significant impact on the distribution of lithium and the possibility of lithium plating. “With the help of a state-of-the-art 3D battery model, we can monitor when, where and how fast the lithium coating starts. This important development could significantly affect the direction of electric car technology.

The work improves our knowledge of the physical mechanisms governing the redistribution of lithium within graphite particles during fast charging and offers new perspectives for creating advanced fast charging methods. With this understanding, the risk of lithium plating can be reduced while charging is more efficient.

The study discovered that improving the microstructure of the graphite electrode can increase the energy density of the battery as well as shorten charging times. This shows that electric vehicles can travel more distance on a single charge.

These results represent a significant advance in battery design for electric vehicles. It can increase the public's interest in these vehicles by providing the emergence of safer, more durable and faster charging electric vehicles.


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