Germany is the Last Signatory of NASA's Artemis Agreement

Germany is the Last Signatory of NASA's Artemis Agreement
Germany is the Last Signatory of NASA's Artemis Agreement

The Artemis Agreements, which set out a concrete set of principles for international cooperation in space research among the states participating in NASA's Artemis program, were signed by 29 countries, including Germany.

Germany became the 29th country to sign the Artemis Accords at a ceremony held at the residence of the German Ambassador in Washington on Thursday. While NASA Administrator Bill Nelson attended the signing ceremony on behalf of the institution, Dr. General Manager of the German Space Agency DLR. Walther Pelzer also signed for Germany.

“I am delighted to welcome Germany to the Artemis Accords family,” Nelson said. “Germany has long been one of NASA's closest and most capable international partners, and their signing today demonstrates their leadership now and into the future, a future defined by the promise of limitless possibilities in space and goodwill on Earth.”

The Artemis Treaty sets forth a set of applicable principles for international cooperation in space exploration, including among countries participating in NASA's Artemis program.

“Germany and the United States have long been productive space partners. For example, the German space industry has made significant contributions to the Artemis program.

This joint effort to carry out space research programs was further strengthened by Germany's signing of the Artemis Treaty. According to Pelzer, the Artemis Accords open up a wide range of new possibilities for German industry and academic research, and ultimately for the whole of Europe.

The Artemis Accords were created in 2020 by NASA, the U.S. State Department, and seven other original signatories.

With the Artemis Accords, the fundamental commitments of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty are being reinforced and put into practice. It also reaffirms the United States' commitment to the Rescue and Return Treaty, the Registration Agreement, and the ethical standards that NASA and its partners have always supported, including the open sharing of scientific information.

As NASA continues to collaborate with international partners to create a safe, peaceful and profitable future in space, more countries are expected to sign the Artemis Accords in the coming months and years. We collaborate with both new and existing partners to ensure the whole world can benefit from our journey of discovery.


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