Today, as everyone knows, our age is changing very rapidly and the change is with electronic communication. In other words, interactive education or education and information over the internet are among our indispensable things.

We, as two friends and classmates Physicists, are among you to share with you the sense of sharing and knowledge we received from METU to the young people of our country and science enthusiasts. We want to be closer to you in order to spread scientific thought and contribute to the development of our country.

Now let's get to know our Founders:

Who is Levent Ozen?

METU Physics Graduate and experience in the informatics-engineering sector He continues his Engineering Services Consultancy studies on SEO and Railway Transportation.

Who is Hasan Ongan?

He graduated from METU Physics and started teaching after 16 years of experience in the automotive industry. He later created his personal website. and the Youtube channel of the same name stepped into E-Education.

Now that the We would like to be among you as well.