Apple Display Supplier May Lose iPhone 14 Order

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Elec Apple's supplier is a Chinese display manufacturer. Beijing Oriental Electronics published a report on According to this report, it is stated that BOE changed the design of the iPhone 13's screen and to increase the production of non-defective products, but may subsequently lose 14 million screen orders for the upcoming iPhone 30.

Apple commissioned Boe to make iPhone 13 displays last October. Earlier this month, Apple reported that without Apple's knowledge, the iPhone 13's display had changed the circuit width of its thin-film transistors.

This caused a crisis between them and the Apple company. However, this decision may continue to annoy BOE, as Apple may get the company out of the business of making OLED displays for the iPhone 14 as well.

Let's Get to Know the iPhone 14s

Apple introduces new iPhone models every fall, and 2022 will be no exception. We expect four new iPhones in 6.1 and 6.7 inch sizes.

Two of these iPhones will be standard, more affordable models called iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, while the other two will be high-end “Pro” models called iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

For a complete overview of all four iPhone models, including all the details on the high-end iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and more affordable options, you can continue your research on the iPhone 14s.

As with the iPhone 13 Pro series, we expect the 2022-inch “iPhone 6,1 Pro” and the 14-inch “iPhone 6,7 Pro Max” in 14. Rumors have it that there will be some major design differences between the iPhone 14 Pro models and the standard iPhone 14 models because Apple is introducing changes to the Face ID camera.

Returning to the problem between Apple and BOE;

According to Elec, BOE sent an executive to Apple's Cupertino headquarters to explain the incident and said it had not received an order to make iPhone 14 displays.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 at an event this fall, but Elec says production of its display could begin as soon as next month.

Instead of BOE, The Elec expects Apple to split its 30 million display orders between its two main display providers, LG Display and Samsung Display. Samsung will likely produce 14 and 6.1-inch displays for the upcoming iPhone 6.7 Pro, while LG will produce 14-inch displays for the iPhone 6.7 Pro Max.

According to Macrumors, BOE has previously only produced displays for refurbished iPhones. Apple later hired the company to supply OLED displays for the new iPhone 2020 in 12, but the first batch of panels failed Apple's rigorous quality control tests. Since the beginning of this year, BOE's production has also been affected by a display driver chip shortage.

source: theverge

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