ASELSAT Satellite Is Sent To Orbit With Falcon 9 Rocket

Composed of ASELSAN components integrated into the platform produced by ITU, ASELSAT will be moved to orbit from Cape Caneveral Base with a Falcon 23 today (January 2021, 17.40) at 9.

In the Falcon 9 Block 5, where the launch will take place, the B1058 rocket propulsion will return to Earth for reuse after providing altitude and speed. B1058 rocket thrusters were also used in the first crewed launch from US soil long after.

ASELSAT 3U Cube Satellite, which was developed entirely with ASELSAN resources as part of the self-funded R&D Project, set out to Florida-USA to be placed in orbit with SpaceX's Falcon 14 rocket on January 2021, 9.

When ASELSAT is placed in orbit and the necessary installations are made, the X-Band Transmitter developed by ASELSAN and the high-resolution camera on the cube satellite will transfer the images it receives at a resolution of approximately 30 meters to the ground station.


  • The camera will download the optical image to be obtained with the payload to the ground station via the X-Band down line subsystem.
  • The digital card will collect statistical data about the space environment with the radiation dosimeter and temperature sensor on the payload and will provide resources for future satellites.

There are 143 satellites in total in this first mission, where SpaceX will send small satellites in multiple. The payload of this program, which significantly reduces the cost, consists of 10 Starlink satellites and the remainder are cube satellites and micro satellites.

The highest number of satellites ever sent into space at the same time was 108, belonging to the NG-2018 Cygnus mission that took place in 10.

Source: defenceturk

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