Electronic Household Items Will Now Be More Accessible For Disabled Citizens

Working to facilitate the lives of disabled citizens, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services is expanding its scope by including electronic household items in its accessibility studies.

The Ministry has started a study on the applications that have been made that the tools and equipment related to basic information technologies, especially television, do not have the equipment suitable for disabled access, and that the devices such as smart control and smart TV, which are suitable for disabled access, are insufficient to meet the needs of the visually impaired. In this context, an online meeting was held recently consisting of representatives of federations and associations related to the disabled, relevant institutions of ministries, electronics industry, white goods sub-industry, air conditioner manufacturers, representatives of manufacturers, exporters and consumer associations, and academicians interested in the issue.

At the meeting; The handicapped people and related associations talked about the problems faced by people with disabilities regarding electronic household appliances. Information was given about the regulations and products of electronic household goods manufacturers regarding the disabled. In addition, the participants' evaluations on the subject were received.

The meetings are planned to continue in the coming days.

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