Who is Ordal Demokan

Who is Ordal Demokan?

Turkey had sacrificed an important scientist to a traffic 'accident' 18 years ago. Under the vehicle used by the unlicensed driver, Prof. Dr. Ordal Demokan was one of the rare physicists trained by Turkey. plasma in Turkey [more…]

Who is Mildred S Dresselhaus

Who is Mildred S. Dresselhaus?

The Dresselhaus Lecture series is named after Mildred “Millie” Dresselhaus. Mildred Dresselhaus, whose work helped solve the mystery of carbon, the most basic of all living elements, earned her the title of "queen of carbon science". [more…]

mahsa amani

Mahsa Amini Protests

On September 16, 2022, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was killed in Tehran after being detained by the Guidance Patrol for wearing an “inappropriate” headscarf while traveling from Sakkez to Tehran, in violation of Iran's mandatory headscarf law. [more…]

China Makes Use of Data on Genetic Studies Difficult

China Complicates Data Use on Genetic Studies

China is tightening its grip on the use of genetic data collected from citizens, including in scientific research. According to the researchers, this method makes it difficult for scientists in the country to work with their international counterparts. China Science and Technology [more…]

Who is Feryal Ozel

Who is Feryal Özel?

Feryal Özel (born 27 May 1975), Turkish astrophysicist. His research interests are in black holes, neutron stars and theoretical astrophysics. His academic career took shape at US universities such as Columbia, Harvard and Princeton, and he worked in Geneva, Switzerland. [more…]

Einstein's Life and Work

What are the Annus Mirabilis Articles?

The Annus Mirabilis papers (Latin: annus mīrābilis; miracle year) are articles published by Albert Einstein in the scientific journal Annalen der Physik in 1905. These four articles contributed greatly to the foundation of modern physics. [more…]

Notes from Richard Feynman

Notes from Richard Feynman

What I'm going to tell you now is what we tell physics students in their third or fourth year of graduate school. I will tell them. You think you'll understand too, do you? No, you will not understand anything. So why with all this stuff? [more…]

Orhan Veli Kanik

Orhan Veli Kanık Born Today?

Orhan Veli Kanık (13 April 1914 – 14 November 1950), better known as Orhan Veli, was a Turkish poet. He is the founder of the innovative Garip movement together with Melih Cevdet and Oktay Rifat. [more…]

the text sat

Who is Professor Metin Sitti?

prof. Metin Sitti is the Director of the Department of Physical Intelligence at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany, since 2014. Currently in assistant academic positions as well as professor in Zurich, Switzerland, Coach [more…]

umran believe

Who is Umran Inan?

He was born on December 28, 1950 in Erzincan. He has been serving as the rector of Koç University (KU) since 2009. Inan graduated from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering in 1972. [more…]

john nash

Who Is The Mathematician John Nash?

John Forbes Nash Jr was born in 1928 in Bluefield, West Virginia, USA. As a child, chemistry and mathematics were among his favorite subjects. He went to college in the industrial city of Pittsburg. Chemical engineering when you first went to college [more…]

Behram Kursunoglu

Who is Behram Kurşunoğlu?

Behram Kurşunoğlu is originally from Aydıncık village of Bayburt's Merkez district. After completing his high school education in Trabzon, he studied at Ankara University and Edinburgh University in England, and then completed his doctorate in physics at Cambridge University in England. [more…]

Burton Richter

Who is Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Burton Richter?

The explosion of scientific activity that began with the discovery of the J/ψ particle in 1974 is known to particle physicists as the 'November revolution' because it radically changed their perspective. Attraction quarks, which are heavier than the quarks that make up protons and neutrons, [more…]

Who Is Marie Curie What She Did

Foreign Cinema Marie Curie

Marie Noëlle is the director of the film, which is about the struggle of the first female Nobel Prize-winning scientist to be recognized in the scientific community. Marie Curie is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Physics. His achievements also earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. [more…]

Einstein's Life and Work

7 Things That Made Einstein Famous

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is one of the most famous scientists of all time, and his name has become almost synonymous with the word "genius". His reputation is due to his eccentric appearance and to philosophy, world politics, and other non-scientific subjects. [more…]

oktay sinanoglu

Who is Oktay Sinanoglu?

Oktay Sinanoğlu (25 February 1935, Bari – 19 April 2015, Miami, Florida), Turkish chemical engineer and academic. He has taught courses in chemistry, molecular biophysics, biochemistry and mathematics. Oktay was established in 1975 with a special law. [more…]