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Hubble and James Webb
Hubble and James Webb

Did we nearly lose the Hubble Space Telescope this summer? Dealing with several weeks of hardware issues back in July and now it's restored and working with the engineers finally fixing it. Fortunately, the results have been stunning considering some of the gorgeous new images he's produced so far this summer.

"I'm excited to see Hubble look back into the universe and once again capture the kind of images that have intrigued and inspired us for decades," said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

Here are the seven best images of Hubble taken this season with the space telescope in its 32nd year:

A dramatic trio of galaxies is at the center of the scene in this latest Picture of the Week from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, which captures a three-way gravitational pull between interacting galaxies. Known as the Arp 195, this system is featured in the Atlas of Bizarre Galaxies, a list that shows some of the weirder and more wonderful galaxies in the universe. Observing time with the Hubble Space Telescope is extremely valuable, so astronomers don't want to waste a second. The schedule of Hubble observations is calculated using a computer algorithm that allows the spacecraft to occasionally collect additional data snapshots between longer observations. This image of the colliding galaxy trio in Arp 195 is one such snapshot. Extra observations like these do more than provide spectacular images – they also help identify promising targets to follow with telescopes like the upcoming NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. Links Galactic Brothers Squabbling Video ESA/HUBBLE & NASA, J. DALCANTON

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