Second Quantum Revolution – 4

Wave and Particle Duality
Wave and Particle Duality

Let's remember that there was a transfer of information between Bob and Alice. We can think of it as a giver and a receiver.

In quantum mechanics, making a measurement at one end of an entangled state will suddenly determine the state at the other end.

This means that Alice pushed the entanglement of quantum state information to its end and then to Bob.

But how does Bob get this information back? For this, Alice needs to know the result of her measurement.

If it doesn't have it, the entangled ending is useless. Alice now lets Bob about the measurement result. This tells him what measurement he needs to take to recreate the quantum information Alice wants to send.

So, Alice placed the information at her own end of the entanglement state, connected the two, then sent information about the bond to Bob, who could untie it. In the process, the information is destroyed on Alice's side, but Bob is able to recreate it exactly on his side.

It does not exceed the speed of light limit as Alice needs to send information about the measurement result, but this is a completely new method of transmitting information.

When Was Quantum Teleportation Made?

Quantum teleportation was first successfully performed in 1997 by the groups Sandu Popescu and Anton Zeilinger. So far they've been doing this in SPACE… I'm not kidding. Look again at the citations to the EPR document. Now they are higher than ever.

Quantum technologies have many potentials that we are just beginning to explore. And that's not the only reason why this research is important. It's also important because it pushes the limits of our knowledge. A way to discover fundamentally new features of nature. Because maybe Einstein was right and quantum mechanics is not the last word.

Today, research on quantum mechanics is developing so rapidly that it is impossible to keep up. There is quantum information, quantum optics, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum simulations, quantum metrology, quantum everything. It even brought big philosophical questions about the foundations of quantum mechanics back to the table.

I think the Nobel prize for the second quantum revolution has been delayed. The people whose names are most associated with him are Anton Zeilinger, John Clauser and Alain Aspect. They've been on the Nobel Prize list for a while and I hope they get lucky this year.

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