İKMİB Prepares to Start Localization Movement in Main Chemistry and Sub-Sectors

İKMİB Prepares to Start Localization Movement in Main Chemistry and Sub-Sectors. Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB), localization movement in main chemistry and sub-sectors regarding the project of producing imported intermediate products, which constitute 67 percent of Turkey's export products, in Turkey, announced by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology at the beginning of November. getting ready to start. İKMİB, which has established a special committee for indigenization, will soon meet with the Ministry of Industry with the indigenization committee, which includes relevant officials from the Ministry of Industry, and will quickly implement its work.

In the project initiated by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to close Turkey's foreign trade deficit, 5 main sectors were identified, namely the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor electronic products, machinery and equipment, food industry and motor land vehicles.

Chemical Sector Indigenization Subcommittee

Titles were created for the production of intermediate goods in these sectors directly in Turkey without being imported. “Chemistry Sector Indigenization Sub-Committee” was established by İKMİB in order to contribute to the identification and localization of sub-products in the chemical industry, which is among the sectors that need to be produced first. Committee, Chairman of the Board of İKMİB Murat Akyüz chaired by the sector representatives from the relevant sub-segments of the chemical industry.

IKMIB Chairman of the Board of Directors, Murat Akyüz, made the following statement on the subject: “The product localization project initiated by our government is a very important work that will contribute to exports and thus to the growth of Turkey. As İKMİB, we support this project. The main topics in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry petrochemical products, polymers, amino compounds, nano-technological products and vaccines. We formed a committee to identify sub-products that can be localized. This committee consists of people representing the relevant sub-sectors of the chemical industry, including the relevant officials from the Ministry of Industry. We held our first meeting on this subject. As a committee, we will present our work to the Ministry of Industry as soon as possible.”

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