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RoboThespian Cogx
RoboThespian Cogx

Meet RoboThespian, we want to introduce you to a robot designed for human interaction in a humanoid designed public space.

It is a robot from Engineered Arts. He has an incredibly impressive array of movements and you think he has emotions.

The perfect talking robot is charming and elegant design is well balanced and arouses a feeling of astonishment wherever it goes.

He may appear as an entertainer at home, as a salesman at a sales booth, as an actor in a movie, as an actor in a theater, or as a teacher in a classroom.

The firm's founder, Will Jackson, and his wife have been dealing with this project since the mid-2000s. Their goal was to produce an automated server capable enough to be sold on the market. That's where the idea for RoboThespian was born, and now 20 of these robots are sold annually to museums and companies for between £40,000 and £55,000.

Using the built-in cameras and microphones, you can control it.

You can have a natural conversation with this robot. and instantly trigger content. You can make eye contact.

RoboThespian is a humanoid robot that has been in development for a long time. There are many companies that develop humanoid robots, especially in Japan, but this robot aims to be entertaining by acting as humanoid as possible. Engineered Arts designed RoboThespian as a presenter and a demonstration robot.

Let's present the thoughts of some visitors in the museum;

It surprised everyone! From museum staff to visitors, from children to scientists.

Banning photos and filming is useless and even cruel, as everyone wants to take a selfie with the robot and share their enthusiasm with their friends.

RoboThespian came to Thinktank two years ago and is quickly becoming one of our most popular exhibits. It delights visitors, young and old, with its quirky personality and rugged appearance.

The user interface is extremely well thought out and intuitive. One of our visitors even proposed to his girlfriend via RoboThespian!

source: engineeredarts

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