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The recently completed “Turkish Weeks” sales on Joom were a great success. Joom has a special focus on Turkish sellers with more than 9 products in all major categories between 18 -30.000 May. The campaign broke records 3 times in a row in the number of daily orders and Turkish origin GMV (Gross Commodity Volume)!

Alexander Zaitsev, Head of Business Development for the EMEA Region, said about the event:

“We are very excited to watch how fast the Turkish vendors on the platform are growing. Joom users appreciate the goods of Turkish vendors for their quality and attractive prices and show an increasing interest. This is not the first action to support Turkish sellers. Joom held a Turkish Bear sale last April, where GMV increased by 2,3-2,4 times. This time we've improved those numbers significantly and we don't intend to stop here at all. We want to connect with more high quality and reliable vendors from Turkey.”

During the campaign, the GMV of Turkish products increased by 3,7 times compared to the previous period. The last day of the campaign was the day that showed the highest results in terms of number of orders and GMV. The most popular category in the “Turkish Weeks” was Home&Kitchen, followed by Footwear and Women's Clothing & Accessories. Joom customers also enjoyed the traditional Turkish delights, which unexpectedly became one of the most popular products during the campaign. The top 5 countries on the basis of sales were Russia, Germany, Israel, France and the United Kingdom.

The campaign's success was driven by an effective mix of marketing tools, including push notifications, exclusive collections, dedicated tabs within the app and easy navigation, Facebook ads, additional discounts and coupons from merchants, among other things. In addition, many bloggers from Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Romania and Israel supported the event.

Alexander Zaitsev, Head of Business Development, EMEA
Alexander Zaitsev, Head of Business Development, EMEA

In 2021, more than 750 campaigns were run through Joom and a new form of promotional activity was introduced with the focus on vendor origin. This proved to be the best way to promote the product range to Joom users and increase sales dramatically (3-4x compared to the previous period). In addition, these promotions not only encourage better discovery of products, but also increase purchases in the long run.

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