Quantum Computing Paradigm

The Development of Quantum Computers
The Development of Quantum Computers

The Quantum Computing Paradigm allows computation with resources that work according to the principles of quantum mechanics and have no classical counterparts. Algorithms developed according to this computing paradigm can be used in quantum computers, quantum secure communication protocols, artificial intelligence processes and many information-processing processes.

Quantum Computing Processes

It has been reported in the articles published to date that quantum computing processes are far superior to their classical counterparts. For example, in 2019, Google announced that it solved a problem that a supercomputer could solve in 10 thousand years, in 200 seconds, in the quantum computer it built. This explanation has been interpreted in scientific circles as the beginning of the era of 'quantum supremacy'.

However, the quantumness properties of quantum systems are very fragile and disappear in a very short time.
We call processes that kill quantumness properties 'decoherence'. Therefore, while scientists are working to extend this period, some groups are working to get the best efficiency from quantum systems in the presence of these processes.

In our study published in Physics Letters A, we showed that binary information classification, a subroutine of artificial intelligence and machine learning, can be realized by using a process called 'quantum dissipation', which damages quantum processes as a method.

Tubitak Career Project

Our difference from similar studies was that we clearly expressed the classification rule in terms of system parameters. A post-doctoral researcher is also working in our study, which emerged within the scope of the Tübitak Career project. We hope that our study result will contribute to quantum artificial intelligence studies.

Finally, my field of study in general is "Open Quantum Systems and Quantum Optics".
The world is evolving towards a new understanding of engineering where basic sciences are more involved.
Quantum technologies will affect every field of engineering in the near future. The software engineer must know how to write software for a quantum computer, the computer engineer must learn the concepts of quantum mechanics, the electrical-electronics engineer must know how to build quantum chips.

Quantum Engineering Concept

Aircraft, metallurgists and even meteorological engineers will have to learn how to solve their problems with quantum optimization algorithms.

Currently, there is no field called Quantum Engineering in Turkey. I am making an individual effort to turn ITU into a university that trains quantum technology engineering by opening quantum computing and quantum optics courses at ITU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics. It is our greatest desire to hear these studies and to encourage young people to turn to quantum technologies.

Source: Dr. Deniz TURKPENÇE

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