What Are Luxury Yachts?

Ete Yachting
Ete Yachting

Luxury Yachts can be sailboat or motor driven. They are defined by their flashy appearance and the extraordinary expense of their cost and maintenance. They are like floating palaces that spare no expense. Luxury yachts are privately owned and privately crewed, and maintenance and staffing costs average 10% of the original purchase price per year. If luxury yachts can cost anything from $2 million to $900 million, it's really the prerogative of the very wealthy. By visiting the sites where various luxury yachts are exhibited, you can get information about the features and prices of these magnificent boats. Companies that sell luxury yachtsAnd what a great feature sought is quality!

While traditionally sailing is a more stimulating, relaxed experience, motor yachts have a more formal reputation. Sailing is still considered a more informal, exhilarating and challenging travel experience, with wind in the hair, salt spray etc. evokes images. Crew members are expected and encouraged to multitask, so there's more room for learning and using more skills. However, sailing in certain conditions can be difficult and dangerous, the fare is less than on a motor yacht and crew accommodation is often cramped.

The flag on which a yacht sails indicates the country of registration, the jurisdiction of the yacht and therefore the rules and regulations to which the yacht and its crew are subject. This is very important to potential crew members as a US flag will mean that only US Citizens or persons authorized to work in the US (eg Green Card Holders) can work on board. However, anyone can work on a foreign-flagged ship as long as they get the right visa.

Why Ete Yachting

Ete Yachtingwas established in 2006 by experienced maritime expert Sertan Untut and provides services in luxury yacht charter, brokerage and management areas in many domestic and international destinations. It is a subsidiary company owned and operated by Perfomax Marine.

Since we started our business in 2007, we have been offering luxury yacht charter services both in Turkey and abroad. We have always kept customer satisfaction and loyalty above rapid growth, and we always aim to show an unrivaled performance on behalf of our customers when it comes to chartering, purchasing or managing luxury yachts.

We are taking firm steps towards becoming a world-renowned company by establishing honest and sincere relations with our customers.

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