ODTÜ ranks first among Turkish Universities in THE 2022 THE Impact Rankings

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the effect news

Middle East Technical University was ranked first among Turkish universities and in the 2022-101 band among world universities in the 200 Impact Ranking of Times Higher Education (THE), one of the prestigious university rating institutions.

In its Impact Ranking, THE takes into account the contributions of universities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under 17 headings. 106 higher education institutions from Turkey were included in the THE 1406 Impact Ranking, in which 2022 higher education institutions from a total of 58 countries were evaluated according to numerous indicators in terms of research, management, social contribution and teaching.

According to the announced results, METU significantly increased its score in 17 of 15 Sustainable Development Goals compared to the previous year. In 2021, ODTÜ increased its ranking from the 201-300 band by 100 places, thus succeeding in being in the 101-200 band around the world. METU is ranked 31st worldwide in the SDG titled “End Poverty”, and 34th in the SDG titled “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, with “Decent Work and Economic Growth” and “Partnerships for Purposes”. In the SKAs titled, it took place in the 101-200 band.

Let's Get to Know METU

Middle East Technical University started education under the name of "Middle East High Technology Institute" on November 15, 1956 to contribute to the development of Turkey and the Middle East countries, especially to train experts in the fields of natural and social sciences. “Law No. 6887 on the Establishment and Preparations of our University” entered into force on 29 January 1957. The “Establishment Law” numbered 7307, which gave METU its special status and legal personality, entered into force on May 27, 1959.

Middle East Technical University, which brought many innovations to the Turkish higher education system and was the pioneer of modern education, moved to its current location, which is the first campus of our country, in 1963 after spending its first years in a small building belonging to the Pension Fund and in the barracks behind the Turkish Grand National Assembly on Müdafaa Street in Kızılay. . First, the Department of Architecture was opened in 1956, and in the spring of 1957, the Department of Mechanical Engineering started education. At the beginning of the 1957-1958 academic year, the Faculties of Architecture, Engineering and Administrative Sciences were established, and the establishment of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences was completed in 1959. The Faculty of Education started teaching in 1982. Today, METU has five faculties with 41 undergraduate programs.

107 master's and 69 doctorate programs are carried out in the Institutes of Science, Social Sciences, Informatics, Applied Mathematics and Marine Sciences within our university. Marine Sciences Institute, one of these institutes, carries out its studies in İçel-Erdemli.

The language of instruction at METU is English. English education is given to preparatory class students by the School of Foreign Languages.

Since the day it was founded, our university has become one of the distinguished and respected institutions of our country with its scientific level, cultural and intellectual weight and qualified graduates. Today, approximately 791 faculty members (Prof., Associate Professor, Assist. There are 225 research assistants, more than 1.273 students. The total number of graduates is over 28.000.

Rectors who have served at METU since its establishment:

Name and Surname Term of Office
1 Dr. Turhan FEYZİOĞLU 17.08.1960-08.02.1961
2 Prof. Dr. Seha MERAY 23.02.1961-05.08.1961
3 Kemal KURDAŞ 20.11.1961-30.11.1969
4 Prof. Dr. Erdal İNÖNÜ 11.09.1970-09.03.1971
5 Em.Gen. Şefik ERENSÜ 04.06.1971-23.03.1972
6 Prof. Dr. İsmet ORDEMİR 01.04.1972-01.04.1974
7 Prof. Dr. Tarık SOMER 01.04.1974-04.04.1976
8 Prof. Dr. Ilgaz ALYANAK 05.04.1976-12.02.1977
9 Prof. Dr. Hasan TAN 14.02.1977-05.10.1977
10 Prof. Dr. Nuri SARYAL 05.10.1977-25.06.1979
11 Prof. Dr. Mehmet KICIMAN 25.06.1979-31.07.1982
12 Prof. Dr. Mehmet GÖNLÜBOL 01.08.1982-31.07.1987
13 Prof. Dr. Ömer SAATÇIOĞLU 01.08.1987-19.08.1992
14 Prof. Dr. Suha SEVÜK 20.08.1992-06.08.2000
15 Prof. Dr. Ural AKBULUT 07.08.2000-05.08.2008
16 Prof. Dr. Ahmet ACAR 06.08.2008-28.07.2016
17 Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan KÖK 29.07.2016-It is still ongoing.


Source: basda.metu.edu.tr/content/odtuden/232/ODTÜ

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