New Dinosaur Species with Battle-axe Tails

Tail of the New Dinosaur Tour
Tail of the New Dinosaur Tour

T-rex had huge teeth. Raptors had sharp, scythe-like claws. Triceratops fought with head-mounted horns. The ancient arsenal of dinosaur warfare was diverse and now a brand new weapon has been added to the collection. Paleontologists have discovered a new species of ankylosaur with a battle-axe-like tail.

What is T-Rex?

Tyrannosaurus rex, known as T. rex or T-Rex for short, meaning "king of the tyrant lizards" in Latin, is the genus type - possibly the only one - and was also one of the largest theropods. T. rex, walking on powerful hind legs; in the light of recent studies, standing in a bent body position and balancing with its tail; exceeding 12 meters in length and 4 meters in length when standing upright; It was a large creature, the adults of which weighed 4-6 tons. Members of this genus lived in North America and possibly Asia.

Let's Get to Know the Ankylosaurus (Ankylosaurus) Species

Ankylosaurus has an unusual appearance. This dinosaur genus, which is a quadrupedal creature (standing on 4 legs); It is a herbivore (herbivorous) with a low and flat build, plates from head to tail, hard protrusions on its body, and a hard mace on its tail. The largest Ankylosaurus specimen ever found was 6.25 meters long and 1.7 meters high, 1.5 meters wide and weighed roughly over 4 tons. Its body dimensions are not known precisely because there are no complete fossils, but it is the largest genus of the ankylosauria family.

New Dinosaur Species Stegouros

Ankylosaurs were armored dinosaurs that were built like tanks, covered with bony plates and spikes, and swinging a heavy tailbone, often near their kneecaps, which no carnivore would want.

But the new species took on a different kind of survival, attacking with a tail armed with seven pairs of large, flat spikes, which its explorers likened to an Aztec battle ax.

Therefore, the species was named Stegouros elengassen. Now let's examine the meaning of the name.

The first part of its name means "roofed tail", while the second is the name of a legendary armored beast in the folklore of the Aonik'enk people native to the Patagonia region where it is found.

New Dinosaur Tour
New Dinosaur Tour

Stegouros Physical Properties

Stegouros was about 2 m (6,6 ft) long. It lived in a river delta environment about 74 million years ago.

Its ax-shaped tail was the most obvious oddity in its skeleton. Scientists have noticed other strange features as well. Stegouros was clearly an ankylosaur.

However, it lacked some features common to later members of the family. It also showed some unexpected resemblances to stegosaurs, a related group of armored dinosaurs known with large vertical plates and a pointed weapon on their backs.

The researchers concluded that Stegouros was a species of ankylosaur. They even went so far as to officially propose a new branch, the Parankylosauria. This group would include other ankylosaurs discovered in Antarctica and Australia, primarily those living on the ancient southern supercontinent of Gondwana.

Existing species found in the Northern Hemisphere would now remain under the name Euankylosauria.

The research team says that further excavations could reveal other Paranchylosauria species with similar axe-like tails.

Source: University of Chile

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