Giant Dinosaur Patagotitan on Display in England

Giant Dinosaur Patagotitan on Display in England

Although two replica skeletons have been found in the US, this will be the first public exhibition in Europe. In the new year, a replica will arrive in London that could be the largest animal to ever walk on land. If it can fit in the gallery space, the Patagotitan sauropod [more…]

The Genie's Moon Mastery Studies Are Progressing

China's Lunar Base Work Progress

With a series of missions leading to a permanent moon base, China has set the roadmap for robotic and crewed lunar and deep space exploration. The three future robotic missions are relay satellites, landers and [more…]

Two Ways in Magnetic Gradiometer

Two Ways in Magnetic Gradiometer

Atomic magnetometers can filter out background fields to detect weak, nearby radio frequency sources using two new geometries. Researchers use modern cryogenics, the first magnetic compasses made of natural magnetite, to measure magnetic fields. [more…]

New Types of Magnets Coming

New Types of Magnets May Coming

A viable path to more environmentally friendly magnets has been demonstrated by materials scientists. These magnets are an iron-nickel alloy found in meteorites. Many key green technologies, such as wind turbines and electric cars, are high-performance [more…]

Sample Syndrome in Social Media

Duck Syndrome in Social Media

Social media is an important part of the technology world and our lives. We love social media. We can't let go of the phone. This is how we get to know about the news, the agenda and the world. We shop, recipes, makeup, fashion, all kinds [more…]

MMU's Mission Computer Introduced

MMU's Mission Computer Introduced

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Turkey's 5th generation fighter aircraft produced by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) Informatics and Information Security Advanced Technologies Research Center (BİLGEM). [more…]

Cancer-Fighting Nano Robot Antibodies

Cancer-Fighting Nano-Robot Antibodies

The first nano-robot antibodies to fight cancer were developed by Israeli researchers. Soon the new nano-robots will be subjected to the first human tests to evaluate the effectiveness of antibodies. Are these specific antibodies “good” or not the cells surrounding the tumors? [more…]

Pan coronavirus Antiviral Treatment

Pan-coronavirus Antiviral Treatment

Pan-coronavirus antiviral treatment may be possible due to the common pocket feature of deadly coronaviruses. The mystery of why some coronaviruses are more prone to causing serious illness has been solved by scientists. run by the University of Bristol and [more…]

Chinese Claims That Teens' Game Addiction Has Decreased

China Claims Teen Gaming Addiction Is Decreasing

Young Chinese actors did not have much access to screens. According to a survey, video game addiction among young people in China has decreased. The source of the claim is the China Gaming Industry Group Committee, which is part of the gaming authority. This situation is more [more…]

Black Friday What is Black Friday

Black Friday – What is Black Friday?

One of the busiest shopping days of the year in the US is the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes known as Black Friday. National chain stores usually run a limited number of coins on a variety of products to attract customers to their stores. [more…]