Cancer-Fighting Nano Robot Antibodies

Cancer-Fighting Nano-Robot Antibodies

The first nano-robot antibodies to fight cancer were developed by Israeli researchers. Soon the new nano-robots will be subjected to the first human tests to evaluate the effectiveness of antibodies. Are these specific antibodies “good” or not the cells surrounding the tumors? [more…]

Chinese Claims That Teens' Game Addiction Has Decreased

China Claims Teen Gaming Addiction Is Decreasing

Young Chinese actors did not have much access to screens. According to a survey, video game addiction among young people in China has decreased. The source of the claim is the China Gaming Industry Group Committee, which is part of the gaming authority. This situation is more [more…]

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The Intestines and Dementia Relationship

Dementia is a condition that is one of the leading causes of significant long-term impairment and mortality. The American Heart Association states that stroke patients are more likely to experience depression, which can lead to functional and [more…]

Diets Don't Reduce Dementia Risk

Diets Don't Reduce Dementia Risk

A good diet has been associated with a reduced incidence of dementia in a number of studies, but a new study has found no association between the two diets, including the Mediterranean diet. Research, American [more…]

The Role of Particle Physique in Cancer Treatment

The Role of Particle Physics in Cancer Treatment

At CERN, the 40-metre linear particle accelerator with the potential to advance cancer treatment is on display by facility coordinator Roberto Corsini. CERN in Europe, which often uses particle physics to test our understanding of the limits of cancer treatment, the universe [more…]

Door Threshold Effect

Door Sill Effect

Let's say you are studying in your room; You wanted to take a break and get coffee from the kitchen. Just then, the doorbell rang and a courier brought the product you ordered. Thank you, you received the package, while opening your package, your feet [more…]

About Technology G and the Pandemic

About Technology 5G and the Pandemic

The term technology, which is used to revise the work of mankind in general, to make the existing workload simpler and to explain the techniques it has developed, has directly affected social life throughout the world. Technology; [more…]

The Endpoint in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The Endpoint in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Michigan State University advances its leadership and legacy in cancer treatment with partnerships that increase the availability of precision treatment options in the state. Some of the most advanced precision cancer treatments in the world are located along the "Medical Mile" in Grand Rapids, Michigan Street and [more…]

A Heartbreaking Drug for Alzheimer's

A Breakthrough Drug for Alzheimer's

Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai Co. In a clinical trial, a drug called Lecanemab produced by the company showed positive results by delaying cognitive deterioration in Alzheimer's patients using this drug. At the current final stage of the experiment, this [more…]

Does Joe Biden Have Alzheimer's?

Does Joe Biden Have Dementia?

Biden: "Where's Jackie?" He gave the impression that he had dementia in his speech. Congressman Jackie Walorski died in a car accident in August, and Biden had asked about her at the event. Wednesday [more…]

Where We Are in Face Recognition System

Where Are We in Face Recognition System?

A person's face is unique. It is both public and private at the same time. Sensitive information about us such as our gender, emotions, health and more can be seen on our faces. It has been written for you specifically for Australia, but [more…]