Another Important Step Taken for Quantum Internet

Another Important Step Taken for Quantum Internet

The ability to "flip" quantum information between various quantum technologies has important implications for the quantum network, communications and computing. The study was published in the journal Nature. Quantum data from quantum computer format necessary for quantum communication [more…]

Seal Whiskers Like Radar

Whiskers of Seals Like Radar

Some marine mammals have whiskers that can detect turbulent fish waves. How this process works at various distances is the subject of a new experiment. Harbor seals chase their prey in murky coastal waters with low visibility. [more…]

New Sorbent Absorber captures times more Carbon Dioxide
Environment and Climate

New Sorbent (Absorbent) captures 3x more CO₂

The new sorbents have three times the capacity to absorb carbon dioxide from the air than existing ones. The sorbent also converts carbon dioxide into sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, which can be safely retained in the oceans when exposed to seawater. International [more…]