Giant Dinosaur Patagotitan on Display in England

Giant Dinosaur Patagotitan on Display in England

Although two replica skeletons have been found in the US, this will be the first public exhibition in Europe. In the new year, a replica will arrive in London that could be the largest animal to ever walk on land. If it can fit in the gallery space, the Patagotitan sauropod [more…]

Estimation of Protein Structures

Prediction of Protein Structures

Kathryn Tunyasuvunakool became interested in computer programming while researching roundworms. She is now using this interest to aid in protein structure prediction, she says. A few years after Kathryn Tunyasuvunakool was born, her mother, who started college, is Tunyasuvunakool's [more…]

A Brand New Tardigrade Tour Discovered

A Brand New Tardigrade Species Discovered

Tardigrades are small, extraordinarily resilient creatures that can withstand a variety of threats, including those that would wipe out most other known species. Different types of tardigrades, from mountains to oceans and ice sheets, many tardigrades [more…]

Water May Have Come to Earth From Space
Environment and Climate

Water May Have Come to Earth From Space

The Winchcombe meteorite supports the idea that water may have come to Earth from space. The Winchcombe meteorite ripped from an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Water from a meteorite that crashed in the village of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire last year, is mixed with water on Earth. [more…]

Coffee Derived Exosome Like Nanoparticles

The Discovery of Turkish Scientists About Coffee

We would like to convey it to you from the pen of Gastroenterology Associate Professor Murat Kantarcıoğlu. “Until now, it was always mentioned in the literature about the incredible benefits of filter coffee, that those who drink filter coffee do not have Alzheimer's disease, do not suffer from cirrhosis of the liver. But in the coffee [more…]

Mass Extinction Discovered

6. Mass Extinction Found

According to recent research, the first mass extinction documented on Earth occurred 550 million years ago as a result of the global decline in oxygen levels. The Ediacaran period, which reached its peak 550 million years ago, [more…]

Could Bacteria Conan Live on Mars?

Could the Bacteria Conan Live on Mars?

The bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans, commonly known as "Conan the Bacteria," has perfectly adapted to the hostile conditions on Mars. Ancient microbes have been shielded from the harsh radiation of space for millions of years, under the surface of Mars, according to recent research. [more…]

Electric Current from Microparticles

Electric Current from Microparticles

Taking advantage of a phenomenon known as micro-emergent behavior, MIT engineers have created elementary microparticles that can collectively produce sophisticated activities, such as an ant colony building tunnels or foraging for food. Micro [more…]


Turbine and Engine Made of DNA Possible

Rotation is one of the most adaptable types of mechanical motion on almost any size scale, with applications ranging from the well-oiled cogs and wheels of machines to the spinning whips of single-cell swimmers. Linear motion of cars and [more…]

Dimensional Mapping of Amazon Forests with Lasers
Environment and Climate

3D Mapping of Amazon Forests with Lasers

The GEDI mission has been measuring the biomass density of Earth's forests using lasers from the International Space Station since 2018. These data help us understand how rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere due to deforestation are worsening climate change. your mission [more…]

A Heartbreaking Drug for Alzheimer's

A Breakthrough Drug for Alzheimer's

Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai Co. In a clinical trial, a drug called Lecanemab produced by the company showed positive results by delaying cognitive deterioration in Alzheimer's patients using this drug. At the current final stage of the experiment, this [more…]