Domestic X-Ray Device from Aselsan

Domestic and National X-ray
Domestic and National X-ray

The x-ray device ARIN, developed by ASELSAN in 11 months with domestic and national resources, has started to be used at Gaziantep Airport.
We congratulate Aselsan and wish that its domestic and national productions will continue to increase. The fact that the domestic X-Ray Device is from Aselsan also strengthens our belief that it will be one of the triggering factors in economic developments.

ARIN X-Ray Baggage Control devices stand out as they are 30 percent cheaper than their counterparts.

The X-Ray Imaging System, which has a local rate of 75 percent, was developed by ASELSAN and HTR in a short period of 11 months with national resources. The first delivery of ARIN X-Ray Baggage Control devices was made to the new terminal building of Gaziantep Airport. 18 local x-ray devices were installed in the building.

The devices have automatic explosive detection, high-density zone imaging, high-density alarm, density zoom capability (color and black-and-white), organic scraping, automatic geometric and radiometric correction function, and expandable fictional threat library capabilities with camera monitoring of tunnel entrances and exits.

Within the scope of the project, 12 ASELSAN ARIN X-Ray Devices will be delivered to the new terminal building of Tokat Airport next year.

The ARIN X-Ray Baggage Control Device, produced with domestic and national resources, has many features such as organic/inorganic/metallic substance separation, 6-color display, automatic explosive detection, high-density region display, high-density alarm, and intensity zoom capability.

Source: AA

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